Shawn Skeir has been a figure on the Canadian art scene for over two decades. His paintings, murals and drawings can be found in collectors’ homes, buildings, hotels, magazines, advertising, and fashion. He’s gained recognition and representation in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.
Seemingly spontaneous, the fluidity of bold lines also conveys an intense degree of concentration and the artist’s striking command of the optical effects of colour theory, exposing how both positive and negative space echo back and forth through his deft use of his palette.

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Skeir - Since 2007

About Skeir’s Art Studio

Shawn Skeir is now creating his original and commissioned works of art out of his new private studio space in downtown Toronto. Please contact the artist to inquire about pricing, or to commission an original painting, at shawn@shawnskeir.com.

The undertaking of being both the artist-in-residence and director of Skeir Gallery for 11 years was a fantastically rewarding experience, and now Skeir has moved into the next chapter in his career. Now Skeir can throw his full attention into his studio practice, and the size and scope of his creative endeavours will be greater than ever. Please continue to watch Skeir’s art practice as he creates new paintings, designs, and murals.